Killingsworth Arena LLC

  Dog Kenneling & Boarding

Dog Kenneling:

Our dog kennels are 6' x 30' and 6' high.  They each have a partial 
shelter with a run, a dog house, and bowls.  We can provide 

long-term as well as overnight or "layover" kenneling.  

Full Care Kenneling includes: Feeding 2x per day, watering, and cleaning 
of the kennel.  If you choose to kennel your dog at Killingsworth Arena, 
you will be responsible for providing your dog(s) own food & medications.  

Requirements: (per dog)

  • Current Health Papers from a Licensed Veterinarian
  • Current Rabies Vaccine
  • Current Kennel Cough Vaccination
  • Current Parvo & Distemper Vaccinations

Fees:  (per dog)

Full Care Daily Kenneling:  $15 per day

Kennel Rental per Month: $65 per month

Dog Walking: $10 per day

Bath: $25

For Full Care Kenneling:

Check-In is between      8am - 5pm Monday - Saturday

Check-Out is between   8am - 5pm Monday - Saturday

*Chronic Barking, Aggressive, or Biting Dogs are  NOT ALLOWED to be kenneled at Killingsworth Arena.

Location: 11 Ted Street  Alpine, TX.  79830

Directions:  Turn off Hwy 90 onto FM 1703 and Right onto Ted Street. 
Killingsworth Arena is located at the end of Ted Street.