Ozona, Texas

Livestock Sales

We pride ourselves on raising top-quality Royal White Sheep, a unique blend of 1/2 Saint Croix and 1/2 White Dorper from exceptional bloodlines. Additionally, our livestock includes healthy calves and commercial heifers. For the latest pictures, videos, or more information, please reach out to us.

Prices for our calves are dependent upon weight at the time of purchase.

Our calves are weaned between 500-600lbs. We then condition our calves for at least 30 days and start selling them when they are over 600 lbs.

All of our calves are on a strict vaccination, worming, and fly treatment program. When buying our calves, they will have received their shots and boosters, as well as having been wormed.

We cross our Black Angus Cows with Hereford and Red Angus Bulls. As a result, our calves are full of hybrid vigor. Our cattle are bred to deal with the high desert and can travel over large country. Our cattle are fed a rich diet consisting of pasture, and supported with distillers grains, liquid feed, and beardless wheat hay. We handle our cattle regularly, so when weaned, our calves have little to no stress.

We sell meat lambs year-round, starting at 65+ lbs, priced between $200 – $280.

We also have Ram Yearlings available, ranging from $300 – $600, and Ewe Lambs priced from $265 – $325. Call for more details and pictures.

We breed true Royal Whites. Our hair sheep are crossed between Saint Croix and White Dorper. Our sheep are parasite-resistant and very hearty to “thrive in” the high desert and are bred to travel in big country. They are a pure meat breed. Our ewes are selected for their milk production, mothering ability, twinning ability, and breeding. Our ewes are fed a rich diet, allowing them to produce close to two lamb crops per year. We have both fall and spring lambs available. Our sheep are used to running with LGD (Livestock Guardian Dogs).

Our Cattle Receive The Following:

Vaccinations (initial shot and booster)

Cattle Master 4+VL5
One Shot Ultra 8
Tetanus Toxoid (bull calves being banded)
MultiMin 90
Anthrax* (spring calves only)

Worming (worm twice a year, alternating the following wormers)

Ivermectin (Injectable)

Fly Treatment (Year round treatment)

Cylence Pour-On
Purina Wind and Rain Mineral with Altosid (for horn fly control)